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Pressure Indicator
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By Admin
Listed on Sep 10,2015
nput signal mA, V, mV and RTD selected by software; measuring range/Zero point can be adjusted.Two loops of relay alarm output. Capacity 250VAC/3A or 30VDC/5A.4-20mA analogue output.Auxiliary output power supply 24V/12V/30mA.W/ RS485 communication terminal.Accuracy: ¡À0.3% FS.Applied for 2-loop transformer, pressure sensor, 4-loop weighing sensor, distance pressure meter, etc. The SV-8 series of Universal Process Indicators are high performance instruments used for monitoring analog signals in the vast majority of industrial and laboratory processes. Configuration from the front panel can be easily made to accept RT (OHM), mA, voltage or mV signals. The retransmission of input in form of sta...






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